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Q : What is the duration of your Digital Marketing Course?

The total duration for weekdays Digital Marketing Course is Two & Half Months.

Training Session Days : Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Timing Options:

  • Early Morning - 7am to 9am
  • Late Morning - 9am to 11am
  • Early Afternoon - 11.30 am to 1.30pm

If you are looking for a Weekend course, we have a special plan for you! Talk to us at 9823033144.

Q : Weekdays course or Weekends course, Which one is suitable for me?

If you have 0-2 years of work experience and are seeking an entry in Digital Marketing Industry [Digital Marketing Job Profiles], then Weekdays course is suitable.

If you are a working professional with more than 2 years of work experience, are a fast learner or work at senior position & want to add Digital Marketing to your profile, then weekend course can be considered.

Q : Online course or A Classroom Digital Marketing Training course, Which one is suitable for me?

It depends on your existing skills & objective.

If you are new to Digital Marketing and not too Digital Savvy, and are looking for hardcore Digital Marketing job immediately after the course, then Classroom training course is suitable.

If you are Digital Savvy, know basic Digital Marketing, and are good at self learning, then Online course can be a option to consider.

Q : Do you offer Online Digital Marketing Course?

Only if we are confident that the student will be able to learn through Online medium.

Q : How do i make course fee payment?

You can make a payment via one of the following methods:

  • Online Transfer via NEFT
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Q : Do you provide Placement Assistance?

Yes. We do provide Placement Assistance. Digital Marketing industry has a shortage of manpower. Placement is not at all difficult for good candidates.

Q : What is the eligibility for joining a Digital Marketing Course?

There is no qualification barrier to join a Digital Marketing Course.

However, the person wanting to joining Digital Marketing Course must be good at:

  • Google Search Skills
  • Social Media Usage [At-least Facebook]
  • MS-Office
  • Reading & Writing skills
  • Knowledge of Marketing & Sales concepts

Q : What are other requirements from the participants?

Participants must carry their laptops for each training session. We provide free Wifi at the training center.

Q : Can i work at the training center beyond my classroom training session hours?

Yes, you can, as long as you follow training center guidelines.

Q : What are the methods you use in imparting Digital Marketing Course?

Following are the methods:

a) Projects : Every participant works on minimum 2 projects during the course. One is provided by Webclincher and one is created by the participants.

b) Advance Preparations : Participants are given topics to prepared in advance. They come prepared before topic is opened for training in the class.

c) Concepts & Frameworks : Participants are taken through each concept, its relevance, goals and step by step process.

d) Case Studies : During each module sufficient number of live & recent case studies are taken.

e) Execution : Participants execute step by step process on their projects to gain practical hands-on experience.

f) Project work : Implement learning by on projects.

g) Evaluation & Feedback : Participants are evaluated on an ongoing basis so that they get to know the areas of improvement.

h) Peer Learning : Exchange their project learning with other batch mates.

Q : What are the crucial factors that i must look at, before deciding which institute to join for a Digital Marketing Course?

The first factor is the trainer who will train you throughout the course. If you want to become an expert, you must look for the best trainer. This is by far the most important factor to consider.

The second important factor is training process. This is again very crucial. Your final learning will also depend on the kind of training methods & techniques used during the course.

Q : What factors are not really that important to select an institute to join a Digital Marketing Course?

Big Brand - Brands are usually build by creating perceptions using paid advertising and marketing techniques. Brands may be important in case of standardized products and services. Therefore in the education sector, quality of education is more important than the brand.

Certificates - Yes, you read it right. Certificates are mere indication that you have gone through training. No candidate gets a Digital Marketing Job just by showing certificates. They are evaluated purely on their practical Digital Marketing skills.

Location of Institute - Learning Digital Marketing is crucial. You are investing your money and energy to get best possible results. What is the point in joining a course in local area if it is not going to give you best learning experience & returns on your investment.

Q : There are some courses charging from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000. Why is your course fees less as compared to them?

a) We do not hire trainers from outside or outsource training part. 

b) We do not overspend on Advertising & Marketing.

c) We do not overspend on manpower, unnecessary infrastructure & operations.

d) We are not looking for exorbitant profit margins.

In simpler words, we are a lean organization & deliver value for money.

Q : If you are charging less, does it affect the quality of your course?

In-fact we are better on many parameters, our Digital Marketing Coaching method is just one of those parameters.

Q : There are some courses charging INR 10,000 to INR 16,000. Why is your course fees more as compared to them?

They offer courses at lower prices since:

a) Profile of the trainer is not up to the mark.

b) They know that quality of their course and the training does not justify asking for higher course fees. Rather they know that people will not join if they ask for more than that.

c) No long-term vision. They want to quickly get some money in short term and switch the profession if not able to sustain.

d) They use participants as employees to do mechanical work on the projects of their clients.

Q : There are Free Digital Marketing Courses available online, Why should we then join a paid Digital Marketing Course?

Yes, there are some free online courses & a lot of material is available on internet. If you are highly motivated expert self-learner, then you can explore those courses & material.

However, during initial stages of learning new subject, a guided classroom training is seen to be the most effective.

Once you are through with classroom course, all those resources on internet become easier to understand & refer, if at all they add extra value.

Q : What are the opportunities after completing Digital Marketing Course?

Opportunities can be classified into 2 categories, Job opportunities & Business opportunities.

Let us look at Job opportunities first.

a) Digital Marketing Agencies & Service Providers : They requires executive level manpower to handle day to day Digital Marketing processes. They are in constant lookout for manpower with Digital Marketing skills.

b) Corporate & Mid-Size Companies : Have a Digital Marketing team with their marketing team. They hire potential candidates with experience in their industry  & Digital Marketing skills.

Let us look at Business opportunities.

a) Freelancing : This opportunity is for people who are good working on internet & can deliver various projects with online coordination in stipulated time. There are plenty of freelancing jobs available on internet. If you have a good existing network in the business community, then you can reach out them offering Digital Marketing services like Web Designing & SEO.

b) Blogging : Growing its popularity in India. If you are passionate about & good at some subject, you have an opportunity to write about it. There will be seekers for that information. You will establish yourself as source of information for that subject, have people repeatedly coming to your blog. You can make money by selling add space on your blog or by selling relevant products or services too.

c) Digital Marketing Agency : India is at juncture where all small & medium businesses will require Digital Marketing support by an agency. If you are good at Business Management & Sales, then this is a good Business opportunity.

d) Digital Marketing For Your Business : While many business would hire an agency, some would like to do it themselves. Or at-least would like to have knowledge of how Digital Marketing Works and how to get it done from an agency.

Q: Who Should be Doing This Digital Marketing Courses & Why?

Sales & Marketing Executives : If you are fade up of traditional Sales & Marketing job, Digtial Marketing is the next best considerable option for you.

MBA [Marketing & HR] : Digital Marketing is good choice for MBA's who are not interested in field sales jobs. MBA HR's will have one more option open for them if they do not get HR jobs or don't like one.

Computer Engineers / BCA / MCA : A good numbers of these will get web design & development job profile. Knowing Digital Marketing will help the get job faster and deliver better.

Call Center Employees : People seeking change from monotonous call center jobs have Digital Marketing jobs as a good alternative.

B.Com & Other Graduates : Instead of general admin or operations job, Digital Marketing jobs will be more rewarding & offering growth in future.

Small Business Owners : Where Digital Marketing is crucial for there business and want to manage it themselves.

Housewives aspiring to work from home or looking to acquire a skill that will give them the next breakthrough.

Q : Where do you conduct your Digital Marketing Course?

At our training center in East Court, Phoenix Marketcity, Viman Nagar, Pune.

Q : Why don't you create branches in other areas of Pune?

Creating branches is not that difficult. But, as you create more branches, it becomes difficult to retain the quality, especially in training.

We do not believe in "Hire A Trainer & Let Them Train" ideology. We want to maintain high quality training standards. Hence we do not create branches.