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Search Engine Optimization

“The safest place for your life’s savings is the second page of Google. Why? Because nobody checks it !” SEO is a technique to get first page ranking for your website in Google and other major search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM plays a key role in Digital Marketing. This model generates inorganic but relevant traffic to websites. PPC model is widely used i.e. advertisers pays to publishers only when the ad is clicked by the user.

Social Media Marketing

The basic principle of marketing is, businesses has to go where customers go; and now customers are on Social Media platforms. SMM is about leveraging Social Media effectively.

Digital Marketing Courses In Pune

Digital Marketing Course That Works For You

There can't be more perfect time than now to get into the Digital Marketing Industry. There is a huge gap to fill between available talent & industry requirements. Our Digital Marketing Course aims to provide you basic and advanced Digital Marketing processes which will enable you to get started and thrive in this ecosystem. This comprehensive & Intellectually developed Digital Marketing Course is designed for Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, MBA’s and Graduates seeking to master Digital Marketing techniques. Our Digital Marketing Training is drafted by microscopic observation of current industry trends with completely practical approach because we believe that you can not learn to drive, without being in the driver's seat !

  • Objective Driven

    We do not shoot in the dark hoping that something will hit the target. We mutually define the objective & strive to attain it with planned approach.

  • 100% Practical

    You will be driving & we will be guiding you. Practical implementation of concepts will be the ultimate strategy throughout the course. No boring theory sessions!

  • Customised & Personalised

    Bye bye to one size fits all strategy. Everyone is unique in terms of learning pace, current skill sets and many other qualities. We will help you to get things done in the best possible way !


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Devdatta Mandore

An Entrepreneur & Trainer in Digital Marketing Space. Being a part of Digital Marketing Ecosystem for 8 years, he realized that there is an intense need for Quality Digital Marketing Education In India & Webclincher Academy Emerged.
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Ashitosh Ghodake

Passionate about Digital Marketing & likes to keep himself updated with latest trends and changes in the Industry.Currently, He is leading Digital Marketing Training business at Webclincher.

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